Excellent customer service especially Frank who was so helpful when planning my new garden.

Diane Parisi

Was looking to upgrade a pump for my garden fountain. Salesperson Stephanie really took the time, effort and consideration to make sure I purchased the correct model. It was a perfect fit! Thank you for making what could have been a stressful situation into a fun adventure!

Laurence P. Mitchell

Great place! Nice people

Chris Matecki

We were there the other day and bought lots of flowers and vegetable plants. As always you have quality plants.

Karen Rutledge

Consistently year over year for the past 15 years ,, Brock's has the most extraordinary plants , flowers , supplies and garden decorations ,,,and an abundance of each variety of stock ,,, a special shout out to Paula ,, always available to share her knowledge on every aspect of gardening ideas and problems ,,
The best of the best for all gardening needs !!

Liz Menicucci

Even though I wasn't able to find what I was looking for, the staff were very friendly and made me feel very welcome. They were veryr inquisitive, and every one of them I would pass by asked and made sure I was finding everything alright.

Crunchy McMunchington

This is one of the best nurseries in all of New Jersey. First off Ed Brock is one of the finest people and most helpful. They treat each customer with the upmost attention and care to all their needs. Linda in the vegetable area was so knowledgeable and helpful. Rollie was so helpful inside to explain and give you the time on how to care properly for your gardening beds. I highly recommend you go here for any vegetable gardens or even flowers trees, and any other landscaping needs.

Abie Silvers

Excellent customer service in the pond department! They go above and beyond to help you have a healthy, beautiful pond.

Ellen Karcher

Stephanie was so helpful and walked me through so many things I needed to know! I will certainly be coming back

Kassi Maris

They have beautiful and healthy plants/flowers & shrubs. Huge selection of veggie/herb plants too. Then there is an inside store w everything you could want to support and decorate a garden including lude-suze statues & amazing fountains. Employees are knowledgeable. Prices are a bit high.

Lori J Pullen

I intentionally drive 20 miles even though I have plenty of nurseries & garden centers around me.

Brock's always has a large selection with multiple versions of the same type/color and everything is laid out in a organized way making it easy and convenient to shop.

The staff is knowledgeable & friendly and the plants are well taken care of. I do find their prices to be a bit higher but I know I am leaving with what I am looking for & the plants are hardy/healthy.

Penguin 322

Brock family are wonderful people. Great place to shop

william salter

this place is absolutely amazing!!!!! 10/10.... the atmosphere & staff are top notch and the prices, quality and environment is absolutely hands down amazing. the owner Eddie is the nicest man alive and everyone who knows him says the same thing about him!!!! come to this place you will not regret it.... no complaints!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Veer Yadav

Rollie is the tree Lord himself. Thank you to Paola for helping with all my requests and to Alexa for the very friendly customer service and for being so helpful. Have always had a nice experience shopping here.

Maier Bianchi

Cornstalk, hay bundle, & pumpkin we're priced right. Staff was extremely helpful!


Excellent plant nursery. Beautiful well priced plants, helpful knowledgeable staff, and all the other stuff (ie. Fertilizer, pots, cement sculptures) also well priced.... Here is our car post visit.

Dana Poole

Very high quality plants

Katie Buckalew Lovisek

The staff is super helpful and very nice. Brocks has a huge assortment of plants and garden supplies. The prices are reasonable too. It's a beautiful place to even walk around.

k9 crazee

Beautiful place, but a little expensive for me

Roger Atiles

Good prices friendly helpful staff, beautiful plants

Brian Brown

Nice pansies. Nice people

Mary Ellen DeVries

Beautiful place friendly staff excellent customer service


Such a great store! My husband and I are first time plant-owners and we came here to buy some starter herbs and houseplants. Callie was super friendly and helpful in giving us advice on beginner plants and how to care for them, as well as how to prevent and treat common problems. We'll definitely be coming here for more garden supplies in the future! (They also have a super cute home store inside with some funny socks and decorations.)

Caroline Wilson

Spray for Japanese beetles and plant stakes. Low expectations were easily and quickly met.

Louis Miller

Brock has it all. We moved to Pittsburgh last year and come back to NJ periodically. No such thing as a real garden center in PA. Couldn't find a birdbath out there. Brock has a million of them. Will be taking one back. Next spring we'll be back for plants.

Nancy Cohen

Very helpful, but no dragonfly bird baths

Schack Linda

I hadn't been to Brock in years but stopped by over the weekend on my search for a good spot to buy some plants for my water garden. I definitely wasn't disappointed. I managed to get the plant I had been searching for (Pitcher Plant) as well as several others for that area as well as multiple for my vegetable garden. All of which were a fair price.
I'll be going back in a few weeks for a few larger plants and bushes I saw.

Victoria Ezell

So many varieties of veggies with great descriptions to help you select which ones to pick

Mai Vu

Super friendly & helpful staff!!
Lots of beautiful flowers, plants & landscaping decorations. We were thrilled with the selection & service!! Special thx to Eddie & Donna who went ABOVE & BEYOND!!

Lisa O'Brien