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Algae Control for Pond

It’s not surprising during this time of year that concerns of algae growth in one’s pond are starting to come up more and more. After a long winter and a spring that seemed to go by as fast as a weekend, there is finally consistent sunshine and warm weather.

Be Free of Summer Pests

Great plant health starts with great soil! Love Your Soil  improves soil in three ways. First, it loosens hard soil so air, water and nutrients penetrate the root zone of turf. Second, Love Your Soil contains a powerful 5-way formula of humates, calcium, sulfur, iron, and molasses that FEED THE SOIL microbial life. Third, and most importantly, Love Your Soil is uniquely fortified with L-Amino Acids which build the “natural- bridges” between the soil microbes and grass roots to insure nutrients are fully absorbed by the turf. Additionally, these amino acids assist in protein formation and boost the plant's immunity to disease. Summer Fungus Increases in heat and humidity during the summer means Brown Patch, Dollar Spot and other summer fungal diseases. Apply Read More Be Free of Summer Pests

Squeeze in More Summer Veggies

It's Not Too Late to Plant! While spring is known as the perfect time to start your veggies, it’s not too late to plant some of your favorite edibles today. Certain varieties can even grow quicker when planted in July. The weather is warm and the soil is ready to go. Try planting these midsummer edibles today. Read More Squeeze in More Summer Veggies

July Garden Tips

It may seem like midsummer is a slow gardening season, but there are plenty of tasks gardeners can attend to in July to ensure a productive, healthy harvest and beautiful flowerbeds even during the hottest summer days.

Helpful Espoma Tips

Learn & Grow with these helpful tips and advice from our friends at Espoma Organic!   Celebrate Pollinator Week: Pollinators are truly loving all of the gorgeous flowers that are blooming across the country right now. While the work of birds, bees and other beneficial insects goes unnoticed for much of the year, give pollinators a warm welcome to your garden this week. Click Here to continue reading   Wellness Grows in the Garden: Here are four ways spending time outside can soothe your mind, body and soul. Read More Helpful Espoma Tips

Be Water Wise this Summer

Even during summer’s hottest days and droughts, you can still have a successful growing season rich with fruitful harvests. Watch your garden thrive during the summer with a little planning, the right soil and proper watering methods. Try these low-water tips for your best summer harvest yet. Read More Be Water Wise this Summer

Pruning Azaleas

Azaleas are beautiful flowering shrubs popular for landscaping, but without proper pruning they can occasionally get shaggy and overgrown. Fortunately, it's easy to keep these shrubs in top shape so they always look their very best.