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Fall Blooming Plants Your Garden Needs

October has arrived and with it comes fall flavors. Pumpkin spice pops up practically wherever you go. And there’s nothing like a freshly picked apple or glass of apple cider. Pollinators know it‘s fall too and they could use some help from your garden. This time of year is known as nectar flow, where many major nectar sources are blooming.

What Frost Means for Gardens

It may still be warm outside, but that doesn’t mean winter is not going to come bite us in the bud. Frost is coming and it will hit your garden hard if you aren’t prepared. Be sure to find your first frost date and prep your garden for winter. What is Frost? Frost is when the dew you see on your garden turns into ice crystals. This happens when the temperature drops down to 32° F or lower. Even a light frost can end your garden for the season. This happens when temperatures are between 29-32°. When frost hits a garden that hasn’t been properly prepared, you can say goodbye to heat-loving plants. Find your Frost Date.

Your Guide to Fall Hydrangea Care

Caring for your hydrangea can make all the difference for next year’s blooms. Hydrangea’s are strong and can come back from almost anything when given enough time and proper care. Just follow these fall tips for pruning and maintenance. It isn’t complicated. Identify It is important to identify your variety first because some hydrangea varieties do not like being pruned in the fall. If your garden has hydrangeas, then you need to know that there are two types of hydrangeas.

8 Houseplants for Fall

The transition from bright summer plants to vibrant autumn colors usually means the abundance of foliage outside is about to disappear. As the crisp air arrives, add some houseplants inside! We have compiled a list of houseplants that will bring you color and help you survive the cold this autumn. Read More 8 Houseplants for Fall

Plant Something Sweet

Soon the days will get shorter and the temperatures will cool down. The vibrant colors of nature will burst with oranges, yellows and browns and fireplaces will become all aglow. New aromas are just around the corner. This autumn, enjoy the sweet smelling fall aromas outside with these fall plants. Read More Plant Something Sweet