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Product Catalog

  • Manufacturer: Laguna

The ideal tool to clear the bottom and sides of your pond of leaves, sludge and other debris.

  • Manufacturer: Tetra

Helps release harmful pond gasses

  • Manufacturer: Laguna

Heated de-icer vents pond surface for gas exchange.

  • Manufacturer: Aquascape

Comes complete with a top and bottom, two sides and four structural supports. Manufactured using recycled materials, the AquaBlox® D-Raintank® module is a lightweight structure that provides area or void space for various water storage projects. Aquablox® will provide enough space to store 17 gallons of water and can easily support the weight of ornamental rocks and gravel.

  • Manufacturer: Ecological Laboratories Inc.

Eco Labs (MICROBE-LIFT) Media Bags are individually packed in plastic bags with hangable header card.

  • Industrial strength
  • Heavy-duty drawstring closure
  • Can be placed directly into pond
  • Easy to clean and/or change
  • Folds to fit most filters/skimmers
  • Large loop for securing to a retrieve line

Available Sizes:

Small: 8" x 14"

Medium: 15" x 16"

Large: 20" x 20"

Extra Large: 22" x 32"

  • Manufacturer: Laguna

The Laguna Floating Thermometer is a fast and convenient way to keep you informed about the water temperature. Pond water temperature is an important factor that influences the overall condition of your pond as well as the health of your fish.

  • Manufacturer: Easy Gardener Lawn & Garden Products

Ross Pond and Pool Netting by Easy Gardener, keeps leaves and debris out from your pool or pond. It's easy to install and can be cut to custom size. It's UV protected for years of outdoor use and protects aquatic animals from predators. Ross Pool and Pond Netting blends into your landscape without detracting from the beauty of your water feature.

  • Manufacturer: Hagen Pet Products - duplicate
  • Model Number: PT945

Pond water temperature is an important factor that influences the health of fish, algae growth and overall pond conditions. Laguna’s Floating Thermometer has an easy-to-view window with large temperature indications for quick readings. It comes with a handy anchoring cord and is designed to float on the water surface for easy access. Light, all plastic construction is fish-friendly and will not rust. 30° to 120° F.

  • Manufacturer: Easy Gardener Lawn & Garden Products

Keeps falling leaves and debris out of ponds and pools. Protects expensive goldfish and koi from hungry cats birds raccoons and other predators. Small 3/8 mesh size stops even the smallest debris. Various sizes.