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The Brown Turkey Fig Tree is an old time favorite for fresh eating and canning whole. The medium sized, bell shaped fruits are purplish-brown with light pink flesh.

Famed Concord flavor—without the seeds! Slightly smaller fruit clusters than seeded Concord—an ideal size for processing. Plump grapes have deep purple color, plenty of juice.

Reka is probably the heaviest producer among highbush blueberries. The fruit is smaller and resemble woodland blueberries. It is also one of the hardiest.

'Catawba' is a popular red variety that is exceptionally vigorous. The fruit holds well after being picked. The Catawba Grape has a very sweet taste that makes it ideal to serve fresh on the table of for juice and wine.

Firm and flavoursome mid-season fruits, form in large, easy to pick clusters on compact, very hardy bushes. Both the autumn foliage and bare winter stems are golden yellow, and this, together with the brilliant white spring flowers, makes it a valuable ornamental too.

A perfect name for this dwarf cultivar, growing to about 1½ feet high and wide. Loaded with white blooms in spring that develop into smaller light blue berries. Top Hat is perfect for low border plantings, perennial beds, and container gardening. Excellent bonsai plant. Foliage turns a bright red fall color. Full to part sun, with more shade in areas with hotter summers.

An excellent white variety producing generous clusters of flavorful fruit, and pleasant aroma.Niagara Grapes are sweet, white, seedless grapes perfect for eating fresh, and making delicious wine, jam, and juice. A vigorous grower, these vines will produce plenty of grapes for family and friends.

'Elliot' is a more upright cultivar reaching to heights of 6 foot and spreading as much as 4 to 5 feet in diameter. Its leaves are a bluish green during the summer, turning to orange-red in fall.

Hardy kiwi has emerald-green flesh and a sweet taste similar to fuzzy kiwi, but they’re smaller and you eat them like a grape, tender skin and all. Kiwis require a male and female plant for pollination. ‘Anna’, our hardy female kiwi, is a vigorous vine that produces more than 100 lbs of fruit 3 to 4 years after planting.