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Recent Blog Posts

Don't Just Ditch the Tree

The relatives are gone, the kids are back in school, and the Christmas tree has shed its last needle. Yes, it's the end of the holiday season and time to say good-bye to your once live and beautiful tree. But don't just throw it on the trash heap (or into your neighbor's yard at 3 am).

Wintertime in New Jersey does not mean that your bird watching season needs to end. Be a good bird “landlord” and encourage winged visitors to stay in your yard by offering fresh food and water.

Birders on a budget fear not! Here are a few easy and economic tips to keep your birds and you wallet happy this winter. -Try making your own suet feeder. A few sturdy pinecones and a good smear of peanut butter and some rope make squirrels and birds happy.

Holiday Lights Done Right

If you're starting to put up holiday lights it's time to remember which are for indoor or outdoor use. Afterall, it is important to know which is which. Read the box to find out how many strands can be linked together (before you start blowing the mini-fuses in the plugs).

Ordinarily not injurious to humans, stink bugs can nonetheless make themselves an awful nuisance when they invade a house in large numbers. These bugs, with the distinct triangular shield-like plates on their backs, are generally found in vegetation. They particularly like fruit trees, as they live from the juices which they suck out of fruits, but they can also be found on vegetable plants and other vegetation. During warm weather, stink bugs mate, and the female stink bugs lay hundreds of Read More Prevent Stink Bugs From Infesting your Home.

Bush Babying

Though shrubs are fairly hardy, low-maintenance plants, they're not immune to scorching weather so keep an eye on them during August's dry heat.

Getting soaked

Tired of standing around, spending your valuable time just watering your garden? Then look into "soaker" hoses. Specially designed to deliver a slow trickle of water to every plant along the length of the hose, soakers are perfect for shrubbery and vegetable or flower gardens.