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Be Free of Summer Pests

Be Free of Summer Pests

Great plant health starts with great soil! Love Your Soil  improves soil in three ways. First, it loosens hard soil so air, water and nutrients penetrate the root zone of turf. Second, Love Your Soil contains a powerful 5-way formula of humates, calcium, sulfur, iron, and molasses that FEED THE SOIL microbial life. Third, and most importantly, Love Your Soil is uniquely fortified with L-Amino Acids which build the “natural- bridges” between the soil microbes and grass roots to insure nutrients are fully absorbed by the turf. Additionally, these amino acids assist in protein formation and boost the plant's immunity to disease.

Summer Fungus

Increases in heat and humidity during the summer means Brown Patch, Dollar Spot and other summer fungal diseases. Apply Lawn Fungus Control to prevent - and cure - these brown spots. Using Love Your Soil in concert with Lawn Fungus Control, will help water penetrate deeper into the soil and not lay on the leaves. This limits the disease's ability to spread, while at the same time, enhances the performance of the fungicide.

Grub and Insect Control

Grub and Insect Control kills grubs and over 25 lawn damaging insects. Apply now to prevent grubs. Apply now through late summer to kill any other surface and soil insects, thus providing "top to bottom" protection.